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***Attention: Important Announcement***

Latosa Escrima Worldwide Federation

Senior GM Rene Z. Latosa (RIP)!  Long live your legacy!

The Latosa Escrima Worldwide Federation is being established to honor Senior Grand Master Rene Z. Latosa, founder and developer of the Latosa Escrima system. It will also bring light to new and old Latosa Escrima practitioners continue his impact and enormous contribution to Filipino Martial Arts worldwide.  The primary goal of this Federation is  to preserve and protect the Latosa Escrima system as it was originally founded, developed, and taught by SGM Rene Z. Latosa (RIP).


With the permission and support of SGM Rene Latosa’s family and support of recognized Latosa Escrima Masters and high ranking instructors, I have accepted the responsibility and overall leadership of preserving and protecting SGM Latosa’s legacy as the Chief of Latosa Escrima.


As one of the original students of SGM Rene Latosa, it is very important that as a Latosa Escrima practitioner, one should know the foundation and history as well as other technical aspects of Latosa Escrima.  SGM Latosa entrusted and taught me not just the background and roots but also gave me a deep understanding of his system.  I am honored to represent him as the focal point of Latosa Escrima.


My goal is to ensure that all Latosa Escrima practitioners learn the intent, basic fundamentals, principles, core concepts, and history of the system. It is essential that the teachings and principles of the Latosa Escrima system be uniform and consistent.  It is of utmost importance that his original teachings not be lost, forgotten, or diluted. 


“The system is an education in body motion and weapon efficiency, not just physical movements attached to techniques.  Latosa Escrima Concepts main goal is to keep it honest and real.

At the end of the day, it is you against the opponent.  Either you can do it, or you can't.  Knowledge is key, looking good is just alright. Boom”- SGM Rene Latosa


The members of this Federation will be composed of Latosa Escrima practitioners of all levels – students, Tuhons, Guros, and Masters. This Federation will not tolerate politics and self-promotion of egos.  SGM Rene has always said that he did not like politics in his organization and avoided them. With that in mind and to honor him, we will keep politics out of this organization.


In the coming months, I will be reaching out to Latosa Escrima practitioners to discuss regulations, rules, procedures, and future endeavors. SGM Rene’s teachings has spread throughout the world and with that being said, I don’t have everyone’s information, so I urge you to contact me directly at for any questions, comments, and concerns. You can also email me with your information so I could add you to our directory of Latosa Escrima practitioners. I will be updating the Latosa Escrima website with new content in the near future.


This Federation will be a community of Latosa Escrima practitioners (students and instructors) where we are able to discuss Latosa Escrima topics and matters and to foster the legacy of Latosa Escrima.   I have created a FaceBook group called Latosa Escrima Worldwide Federation, which I welcome you to join.


In order to promote good behavior and good discussion when sharing ideas/opinions, it is necessary that we follow the guidelines below.


Initial Guidelines/Rules for Federation Members:

Be Respectful to others

No politics

No discrimination

Respect other’s opinions

Adhere to the Latosa Escrima principles

Long live your legacy SGM Rene Z. Latosa (RIP)


GM Cedric Concon

Chief of Latosa Escrima Filipino Martial Arts System and Concepts


Latosa Escrima Information:

Latosa-Escrima On-Line:

FaceBook Group:

Latosa Escrima Worldwide Federation



Find Your Answers Here


Private lessons are available at seminar arranged by the host, or if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, private lessons can be arranged.  Email for more information.


These are negotiated between the host and is confidential.  New seminar hosts must email me directly.


I don't have a cookie sheet standard which means I access each individuals attributes and I make the decision as to where you stand.  The FMA has no standards to regulate grades, levels or titles, I leave that to each school or organization.  I make all the decisions within Latosa-Escrima to grant titles such as instructors, Guro, masters. 



What I do is designed to make you better, period.  I coach. I expect an individual to motivate themselves to become better.  It is not about showing off, having people say "your awesome", and other things that drive the ego.  The FMA is about you.  Old School.


At the end of the day, it is you against the opponent.  Either you can do it, or you can't.  Knowledge is key, looking good is just alright. Boom


Latosa Escrima Concepts is a very open, dynamic and logical martial art fighting system. A fully transitional system which guides you to the weapon and the real relationship to empty hands and Filipino Boxing methods.
The basic principals of the system rests within the concepts of balance, speed (timing and distance), power, focus, and transition. A true application used in any martial arts system you practice.
Over 40 years of experience and development of application … no secrets, excessive techniques, fantasy warrior ego boosting movements, just hard work, logic, realistic and effectivenss basics. Why do I stress basics, because it is the core, the foundation, the base, the center of what you do and what you are. If you think you are beyond basics at any level, think again, because your ego/pride is playing a trick on your skills

A View




  1. POWER


  1. FOCUS










Rene Latosa's first visit to the Stockton Escrima Academy was in early 1968. Rene was greeted by Angel Cabales, holding a cigarette in one hand and a rattan stick in the other. Angel, having known Rene since he was a small kid, told him to grab a stick and Angel proceeded to demonstrated a quick technique. From this point forward, Rene was hooked and he continued to study and eventually taught at the Academy for over five years.

At the Stockton Escrima Academy in 1968, “formal training” did not exist. The method of teaching employed at the academy was strictly on a teacher to student basis. Rene remembers the ambiance at the academy was very casual, Angel was just “Angel.” For all the students at the academy, the title “Grandmaster” was inherently Angels, and his alone. To Rene’s advantage, during his first five months of training, he was the only one of three students who showed up for lessons. Rene’s initial training, with a ratio of four instructors to one student- Angel Cabales, Max Sarmiento, Leo Giron, and Dentoy Revilar- provided plenty of diversity in styles. These four individuals played a definite role in shaping the basic format of the Escrima Concepts system; however, his greatest influence was his father.

During those early days at the academy, Angel did not have student certificates or rankings. They did not exist. You were an instructor when Angel said you were (Rene did receive an advance instructors certification from Angel and another one from Max Sarmiento, the only one ever given by Max in Kadena de Mano. Angel always said that certificates, belts, and titles meant nothing without the ability to back it up.




System Development

Latosa Escrima Concepts is a very dynamic and logical system. The system keeps developing and progressing into the future. The system progresses as student develop their technical competence. Latosa Escrima Concepts is the study and development of the best concepts and strategies of many martial arts strategies. It is the idea of understanding, what you do, how you do it and why it is done.

The system is an education in body motion and weapon efficiency, not just physical movements attached to techniques.  Latosa Escrima Concepts main goal is to keep it honest and real.

In Latosa’s early stages of developing Filipino martial art concepts, the movements or techniques were considered key, and the idea of using concepts was secondary. This proved effective and contributed to the fighting reputation of many of Rene’s students. However effective, the system did not seem complete. There was a missing element that distinguishes the Filipino art from the other martial arts. It was not the techniques that set the Filipino arts apart.  It was not the ability to change from empty hand to sticks. What exactly was it? This search for the answer became the driving force in Latosa’s quest to develop the Filipino martial art further. The answer was within the fighting concepts, and how they played a role in the effectiveness of the Filipino martial arts. As the concepts of power hitting, blocking hard, balance, and attitude, became more dominant, the Latosa system developed a new focus. Rene restructured his technique drills to impart the importance of concepts. Latosa utilized these concepts while boxing without having any traditional boxing training experience.

Today, the basic principals of the system rests within the concepts of balance, speed (timing and distance), power, focus, and transition. However as advancement continues, so does the progressiveness of the system.


Training with Dad – “Never judge a book by its cover”

Learning from his father was very difficult for Rene. His father was a fighter and every reaction to a situation was combat oriented. When Rene asked to see a movement for a second time, he was shown something else. Because his father did not use techniques, no two movements were ever the same.

Rene’s enlarged ego was instrumental in his introduction to his father’s prowess in the Filipino martial arts. Rene was practicing for a demonstration when he became concerned that he did not look as flashy and impressive as he should. He asked his father, who was working in his garden, if he would care to be his practice “dummy”, The elder Latosa noted for his quick temper remained calm despite this arrogance. He had watched as his son practiced his techniques, smiled and said “boy, you need more training”, the younger Latosa asks him what he knew since he was only a “dummy!”

He dropped his hoe and walked quietly towards his young egotistical, smart ass  son and picked up a stick. Rene asked his father if he would hit him over the head, but warned him to be careful because of his deadly speed and dangerous skills. Instead, the old man in a calm voice asked his son to strike at him. There was some hesitation on Rene’s part; fearing that if he went too fast his father might get hurt. Rene directed a slow hit at the old man. Before he saw what had happened, his father’s stick hit him on the head. “This must have been an accident,” thought Rene. He again struck at his father but this time faster. Again, Rene’s head was the final destination for the end of his father’s stick. In a serious fury, Rene went after his father with a strike that was strong, fast, and headed toward its target; as a result, his target moved and a stick landed between Rene’s neck and shoulder knocking the young man to the ground. His father walked away laughing and went back to tending his garden.

Rene’s mother came out of the house, yelled at his father, and consoled her son with the bruised ego. Rene spent some time soul searching, trying to get a grip on what happened. Rene was under the impression that with his speed and technical skills he could not be beat. His father took him aside and told him about his rough and dangerous background and informed him he had much to learn. Rene’s attitude towards the Filipino arts changed. The first attribute to be disposed of was his enlarged ego. His father started to train Rene in the finer points of fighting concepts, different weapons, and his philosophy. Rene realized the importance of concepts in relationship to techniques.











 European schedule








Latosa-Escrima Seminars


Students, instructors, and curious thinkers attending FMA seminars need to look at the reasons you are training. Forget how many exotic Filipino names one person can say, the popularity of the instructor, how many fancy moves you can learn. Get to the important question, “What does any of this do for me?” 
The Latosa-Escrima focuses on what it can do for you, not as a part of group, but you, as the individual. Since the system is very conceptual, facilitates critical thinking, is thought provoking, and provides a self-defense aspect, the benefits cross over into all styles and walks of life. The system does not emphasize being the ultimate, most deadliest, the mother of all arts, instead, the focus is on providing tools and concepts designed to help you learn how to re-discover yourself and re-invent what you already know.

As a beginning student or a novice martial artist you will gain the knowledge of “connection”. You will learn to connect all parts of your body in order to reach your objective whether it is defending yourself, reaching a higher level of martial arts, or refining your movements to achieve excellence. The main focus is learning to think creatively and applying logical tools.

As an intermediate student, you will learn how to use these tools to enhance what you already do well while having the freedom to explore other avenues and express your own individuality. You will, can and should have the tools to discover your own innovations and explore creative freedom. You will learn how to multi-task without the risk of opening yourself to any weaknesses. You will learn the discipline of focusing on reality, and to explore the reality of environment and interpersonal interaction.

As an advance seasoned martial artist, you will benefit the most. The experience you have developed and lived through will be enhanced and re-discovered. You will learn how used what you already know and to make what is good and to turn it into something great. Latosa-Escrima is the guide or the provider of the concept tools which allows you to discover or un-root what you already know. With these tools you will be able to reignite your passion of learning and teaching, rediscovering your creativeness and most of all finding why you became a martial artist.

The seminars are designed to provide an individual or instructor the tools to make creative and innovative discoveries within your own skill levels. There will not be sterile and fancy drills in order to keep you busy and sweating just to eat away at the clock. There will be thought provoking questions and ways to discover the connection between you, your mind and your body.


Escrima Online Academy


Welcome to the world of Latosa Escrima Concepts – The Filipino Martial Art The Fighting System of the Philippines. Now modern technology allows us to bring this incredible art into your home. Latosa EscrimaConcepts is a very open, dynamic and logical martial art fighting system.

















Payment is through paypal upon receipt, then I will schedule you. 

Through ZOOM 

1. Private Sessions: These are private individual sessions.  A Chance to ask any question, validate and develop.  45 minutes/15 minutes Questions and Answers. $40.00-See above

2.  Limited Group Sessions: The group sessions would be similar to private coaching sessions, however limited to a of 4 individuals. 45 minutes/15 Questions and Answers. $20.00 per student - at event

These two sessions are designed to obtain the individual attention necessary in making YOU better.These sessions are designed to give you, the student, every opportunity to grow and exceed your own expectations.Your thoughts and ideas count.

3. Webinar Sessions: These are sessions where the session is open to everyone and anyone who wants to join in based on the topic of the event.  You can listen, practice and learn.  Usually broken down in three areas: Discussion of the topic, Physical training, and Questions and Answers within a two hour block.  2 Hours. 30-45 minutes discussions and theory/45-60 minutes Physical training/Questions and Answers. Minimum of 10 students. $20.00 each-at event

4. Private review:  This session is designed for those individual’s who would like an analysis and a constructive review on how they are progressing as a martial artist.   A 1-5 minute video sent in demonstrating at least 5 hits individually, 5 hits in various combinations, and must be full body including footwork.  Then the same with at least 2 different weapons and empty hand.  You will be able to then discuss the analysis on a 30 minute video call directly.  I understand that some individuals do not like to demonstrate live, and that is respected.  30 Minutes discussions/ideas.  $45.00 - see above

All sessions would be open to questions of which I would say there are no silly or stupid questions.  If you have a question, then you should address it.  Never leave a session with questions because it is only second guessing.  You need to be satisfied as a student, that your questions are answered.  My idea of teaching and learning was always, especially in the martial arts, was fair value.  Everyone has to work hard for every dollar and I have seen too many martial arts scams where the student is just another buck to pay the light bill.   

You will be guided, coached and motivated to become an informed and logical martial artist.  You will enhance your own personal attributes to achieve the highest potential.  Remember this is about you, not the ability to copy or be forced to stay within parameters in which you feel uncomfortable.  The objective is for you to achieve your full potential and higher.  You can ask questions, address conflicting ideas, institute your own personal values and goals, in other words, be free to innovate and create.  At the end of the day, you are the bearer of what you do.  You are the one, if we can be truthful, to be confident enough to use the movement in a real situation.  Using your own adaptations in training against someone else maybe open to the “what if’s”, “in this system/style “and the “yeah but’s”, of which you have to be understanding because it is a training and not reality. 

I am having roughly 3 session a day for sake of scheduling. 

Style/Rank/Title is not a factor, open to everyone.

Will accommodate for overseas students. 

This is not a private lesson in which you will learn secrets and techniques that are so deadly and not defendable, but a coaching session and advance training for you.  This is not about showing off and demonstrating how good you are because you could do that yourself on YouTube.  You can spend your time and money showing off somewhere else as I am not interested nor would I be impressed.  I have seen it all so leave it at the door, be ready for constructive advice and validation of your positive thought process.

The sessions will go as follows. 

We will go over what and where you feel weak or areas of concern. 

Show me the exact what you are doing and explain how you are doing it.


What is the intended target, and your objective, strategy, environment, and intent?

We will look at your weaknesses and find where we can improve to your satisfaction.

Are you looking to teach, what is your motivating objective in teaching, specifics?

You need to also determine what you want.

  1. Do you want to be a collector of more techniques and movements?

  2. Stay within a style and adapt to increase your inner knowledge.

  3. Improve yourself and be more confident in what you do.

  4. Protect yourself and family.

  5. Learning to teach so your student retains usable information.

  6. Understand the Concepts and History of the Latosa-Escrima System.

Rene Latosa is the Developer and head of the Latosa-Escrima System.  His experience and training history speak for itself.  Students can rest assured that they will be getting the best bang for their buck.  This is a style based on concepts and not specific techniques.  This system/style is ever progressing and not constricted by any name or branding of a style.  The reason is to be able to integrate into all aspects the Filipino Martial Arts.  The system was never the intended to be the better, be the best or the most aggressive system, but to be open to all systems without egos.  The intent was to allow students to be open to everything and be considerate to what other people do. Everyone, no matter what system or style has something to give to the Filipino Martial arts and to hell with politics. 

The Latosa- Escrima systems give the student the ability to analyze other systems then make their own interpretation of any situation without any reference to styles. 

You are here because you want to improve your skills and abilities.  You will never be judged nor will I ever ask you to do something you don’t believe is effective.  Remember this is your time, if you want to demonstrate how good you are, be my guest, if you want to build skills and enhance your training thoughts and methods, then bring an open mind.  I am style neutral, and I believe in the individual being able to grow and be self-innovative.    All training development is confidential, the only person that knows you are being coached is you and I. 


FACEBOOK GROUP:  Latosa Escrima Worldwide Federation

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